Big Beer, Little Beer, Just Make It Craft Beer

A couple of decades ago, when those of us who are not hard core beer geeks started to hear about craft beer, they were calling it microbrew. Microbrew was just that. Small breweries, small batches, unique flavours (sometimes even from keg to keg) and independent – and often with a great story behind them. These…

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The Art + Science Of Ice

Call it the unsung hero of the bar. Without ice, there would be no chilled Martinis or slushy Margaritas, no seductive rattle of the bartender’s shaker, no gleaming crystal cube slowly melting in a pool of amber whisky. Ice is as essential to a good drink as the spirits that form its foundation. Yet ice…

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Daily 3pm - 6pm + 9pm - CLOSE
Join us for good times and good deals (from $2.75!)


Margaritas (1 oz) - 5
Man en Fuego (1.5 oz) - 5
Corona Bottle - 5


1/2 Price Wine Bottles + 1/2 Price Dynamite Rolls


Rhino Sleeve (12oz) - 3
Rhino Growler - 5 sleeves (64 oz) - 17
Wings After 3PM - 7


Moscow Mule (1 oz) - 7
Whiskey Sour (1 oz) - 7
All Craft Beer Sleeves (12 oz) - 3

Friday / Saturday

Pitchers to Share - 20% off
Stella Pint (18 oz) - 1 off
Signature Cocktails (1-2 oz) - 2 off


Sunday is the Happiest Day!
All Day Happy Hour
Signature Caesars - 5

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